2019-20 School Supply Lists

2019-20 School Supply Lists
Posted on 08/07/2019
School supplies.5th Grade
A supply of pencils and cap erasers (no mechanical pencils, please), covered pencil sharpeners, pencil box/case/pouch, ear buds (Walmart or Dollar Store), zip lock plastic bags for ear buds, colored pencils, hi-lighters, box of tissues.

ELA: 4 spiral notebooks, sticky notes, 3 pocket folders, Assorted colored pens.

Math: 1-inch binder + dividers, 3 spiral notebooks (one for each trimester), pocket folder.

Science: 1-inch binder + dividers, 1 spiral notebook, pocket folder.

Social Studies: 2 spiral notebooks, sticky notes, pocket folder, assorted colored pens.

6th Grade
A large amount of pencils for all classes! Students must provide own writing tools; please include a zip bag or pencil box. Earbuds (Walmart or Dollar Store).

ELA: three marble composition books, highlighters, pocket Folders, coloring materials & pens.

Math: at least THREE spiral notebooks, scientific calculator.

Science: colored pencils, small calculator, 1 ½ inch three-ring black binder, manual pencil/colored pencil sharpener.

Social Studies- two one-subject notebooks, sticky notes, colored Pencils, pens (assorted colors), highlighters, box of tissues, erasers (lots!).

7th Grade
ELA: 2 spiral notebooks, pencils or pens, sticky notes, earbuds or headphones.

Math: pencils, notebook.

Science: 2 Composition notebooks (not spiral notebooks!), colored pencils, pencils, scissors, glue sticks, earbuds or headphones.

Social Studies: colored pencils, binder/folder/notebook, pencils/pens.

8th Grade
ELA: Independent reading book, pencils, 3 marble journals (can be purchased at the Dollar Store), sticky notes, 3-ringed binder (1-1/2").

Math: notebooks, expo markers, pencils.

Science: Journals, pencils, notebooks, pens.

Social Studies: Colored pencils, pencils, pens, notebook/folder.