BMS Gym Opens December 9

BMS Gym Opens December 9
Posted on 12/05/2019
Picture of the newly installed BMS gym floor.

We are extremely excited to unveil the new gym floor at Bucksport Middle School.  It will be a source of pride for our school, students, and community for years to come.

In order to take care of the new floor and keep it looking great for many years, we are asking students to follow these procedures for all PE classes:  

1. All Students must have clean sneakers before they enter the gym. 

2. Students who don’t have sneakers should take off their footwear, leave it outside the gym doors, and borrow a pair of sneakers for the class period.

3. All borrowed sneakers will be cleaned after use.

4. Students should make sure their sneakers are not the type that leave black marks on a gym floor. Some brands have black soles that tend to leave more marks than regular sneakers- skateboarding type sneakers tend to have this problem.

5. Not having sneakers for class will affect each student's grade.

6. Constant disregard for the proper footwear will lead to a lunch or recess detention.


*There will be a one week grace period for students and parents to adjust to these new rules.