Changes to Remote Fridays

Changes to Remote Fridays
Posted on 09/24/2020
We are wrapping up our third week of remote learning at BMS. We appreciate all of the patience and flexibility from students and parents as we implement new technology and a new model of remote learning. While it has been a steep learning curve for everyone, we are committed to offering all of our students the best possible learning environment within the parameters we are allowed by state and federal guidelines.

One thing that we have learned three weeks in is that the asynchronous [“at your own pace”] ELA, math, science, and social studies assignments on Fridays are confusing for students and results in numerous incomplete or missing assignments. Starting tomorrow, 9/25, students will not need to complete asynchronous assignments in ELA, math, science or social studies. We will re-examine our Friday remote learning structures in 4-6 weeks and determine if we will make further changes at that time.

Students do still need to log on to Brightspace and Zoom for their specials/Unified Arts classes on Fridays. Special education, gifted & talented, and individual and small group help sessions will still take place on Fridays as well.

Once again, we appreciate everyone’s efforts to help make our hybrid and remote learning plans successful.