8th Grade Yearbook Information & Superlatives

8th Grade Yearbook & Superlatives
Posted on 05/05/2021
8th Grade Portraits: Each 8th grader will have space provided next to their portraits to provide information showcasing the activities they have been involved with during their time at Bucksport Middle School. The deadline for submission of this completed form is May 10th.

8th Grade Superlatives: The survey includes an 8th grade superlative ballot. The students have the opportunity to vote for their 8th grade classmates in the various categories. The deadline for submission of this ballot is May 10th.

8th Grade Baby Pictures: We will have pages in the yearbook for 8th graders’ baby pictures. Each 8th grader can submit one baby picture. The deadline for submission of baby pictures is May 10th.

Yearbook Dedication Ballot: This year’s 8th graders will vote for the individual that they would like the yearbook dedicated to. Please fill in the name of the person you like the yearbook to be dedicated to, as well as a few sentences explaining why.

Submission Instructions: Please complete the following questionnaire by MONDAY, 5/10.  Students will need to be logged in to their @rsu25.org email account to complete the survey.  Students and parents are encouraged to complete it together. Due to the tight deadline needed for yearbook submission, we are not able to accept any hard copy submissions.

--> Link to 8th Grade Yearbook Information & Superlatives Survey

The survey can only be submitted once, so please be sure you have all of the information ready to submit when you start the survey.  If you would like a preview of the information you will be asked to submit, please click here.

If you need assistance, please contact your child's homeroom teacher or the main office- we would be happy to help!