Our School

Bucksport Middle School proudly serves 285 students in grades 5-8 from the communities of Bucksport, Orland, Prospect, and Verona Island.

Picture of 2018-19 BMS Staff & Student Body

Picture of 2018-19 BMS Staff & Student Body

Welcome to Bucksport Middle School! Our entire educational team is very pleased to have you join our school community and we hope that your time with us will be enjoyable, rewarding and memorable.

Our Mission
To provide a rigorous and inspiring education in partnership with our community.

Our Values
Regional School Unit 25 is committed to meeting the needs of all students. We value student ownership of learning, the importance of teaching and organizing learning experiences around individuals’ strengths and needs, and engaging students in meaningful learning experiences which foster risk taking and build confident learners. We embrace learning as continuous across one’s lifespan and recognize the importance of leadership and participation opportunities. We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure a safe and nurturing community that promotes healthy minds and bodies. We value and respond in an appropriate manner to the voices, ideas, and understandings of all community members.

Our Vision
A Comprehensive Curriculum
Our comprehensive, cohesive, challenging curriculum is focused, relevant, rigorous, and standards- based with clear expectations of achievement for all students. A curriculum providing a solid foundation emphasizing communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills prepares our students to be contributing citizens and lifelong learners. The curriculum is brought to life through meaningful learning that is integrated and applied. This provides students with a rationale for their education and ownership of their pathway to graduation.

Achievement and Accountability
To ensure achievement, students, parents, staff, and community at large are held to clearly defined expectations and accountability. Instruction is differentiated and built on individuals’ strengths. Learning targets are aligned with standards and measured with authentic assessments.

Innovative Learning Opportunities
Regional School Unit 25 meets the needs of all students by embracing flexibility and innovation. The creative use of time, scheduling, programming, and year-round learning opportunities provides different pathways to meet graduation requirements. Through the use of technology, we enhance and expand learning experiences.

Our Partners in Learning
Through the efficient use of resources, Regional School Unit 25 provides a community-wide culture of learning for all residents. With formal and informal networks of communication, a cooperative, seamless relationship with the community allows our learners to engage in ‘real world’ applied learning and service learning. This relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership that supports the needs of students and the community.

Buck’s Pride: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Our middle school expectations are for students to be safe, respectful and responsible. These expectations are taught, practiced and reinforced by all school staff to all students. To build student ownership in these expectations, students will take part in determining what these expectations look and sound like in their school and classrooms. To build staff and student relationships they will create Standard Operating Procedures for each class at the beginning of the year. These will be printed and displayed so that they can be reinforced throughout the year.

The staff will reward the students with Golden Tickets when they see them being safe, respectful and/or responsible. Once a week the students will place an order with the Golden Ticket Store which will have staff experiences (play a game, have lunch) and items for the students to “purchase” with the Golden Tickets they have earned.

At various planned assemblies during the school year and/or within their classrooms, students will be recognized individually and in small groups for demonstrating one or more of these tenets.