Updated Safety Guidelines

Updated Safety Guidelines
Posted on 05/24/2021
The Maine Department of Education has just recently issued an update of the Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for schools:

Masks continue to be required at all times indoors, unless eating.

Masks must be worn on buses.

All outdoor activities (including recess, outdoor classes, audience members, athletics) may occur without masks or physical distancing except for eating, singing and playing wind instruments (6 foot distancing is required for these activities).

Adults at a.m. dropoff and p.m. pick up outdoors will have the option of not wearing a mask.

Students at recess and taking mask breaks will be able to interact without their masks.

PE students will be able to participate in outside classes without masks.

Physical distancing of 3 feet is still required for all indoor activities, except when eating. 6 feet distancing is still required while eating inside or outside.

We are aware that while many requirements have been changed or removed, such as no masks required outside, some students and parents may be more comfortable continuing to wear their masks. We will continue to support those who make that decision.

We have followed the Maine Department of Education’s Standard Operating Procedure & Guidance all year and will continue to do so following the updates and implementing the changes.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your school’s main office or the central office.