Winter Sports Spectators

Winter Sports Spectators
Posted on 11/30/2021
Basketball games will be starting this week and BMS will be allowing spectators! Please see the following guidelines for spectators at BMS basketball games. Coaches will be providing information about home spectators at practices today.

Guidelines for Spectators & Participants At BMS/BHS/ Jewett Gymnasium:

Spectators, athletes, coaches, and game day personnel (benches, scorers table, locker rooms etc,) are required to MASK AT ALL TIMES (unless otherwise recommended by CDC/MPA guidelines). MASKS OPTIONAL FOR ALL BMS ACTIVITIES 3/9/22.

Limit hugging, high fives, shaking hands, and fist bumps for support/encouragement

Locker rooms can be used to change. Coaches should limit the number of students in locker rooms whenever possible.

Spectators/Participants should maintain social distancing with adequate distance between family pods when possible.

Admission to events will be limited based on suggested capacity modifications as needed/recommended.
Basketball each BMS student-athlete will be allowed to have six [6] guests attend each home game. Visiting teams will be limited to two [2] guests per student. WRESTLING- NO LIMIT ON SPECTATORS.

Guidelines for Outside Venues:

Spectators and athletes should maintain social distancing (benches, huddles, family pods etc.)

Teams/spectators will follow guidelines/protocols for all alternative venues (opposing schools, UMaine, Cross Center, etc) as adopted.

General Guidelines for All Winter Activities:

Pool testing will be required for all athletes.

Vaccinations are strongly recommended for all athletes (May be required by outside venues).

Student-athletes, coaches, officials, and other athletic personnel should complete a personal health screening daily. Any individual showing symptoms or is sick, should stay home.

All participants (coaches, athletes etc.) should be masked at all times when riding the bus.

Athletes, while at a practice or contest, should tell coaches immediately if they are not feeling well.

Coaches must keep accurate attendance records of those athletes and staff who attend each practice.

If a positive COVID-19 case is determined, coaches will immediately notify administration.

Parents should inform coaches if the student-athlete has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.

Athletes should show up for practice ready to go in appropriate workout clothing and not share clothing
Individual clothing/towels should be washed regularly.

For athletic events, all spectators must remain in designated viewing areas/family pods separated from players, coaches, and officials.

If possible, doors and windows should be open to increase ventilation and air circulation.

BMS will not offer concessions at home games this year. No food will be allowed in the gymnasium.